How Does It Work?

Hubby2do's Features

  • Available on iPhone and Android Smartphones.
  • Works in multiple countries and across time zones.
  • The SMS features on the Wife's version will deliver scheduled notifications and reminders to the Husband's phone just in case your Hubby is uncomfortable with using the App or does not have a Smartphone.
  • A fully integrated social media solution that allows your to do's to be shared on all popular social media platforms.
  • The general public can comment based on each public to do.
  • His and hers branded interface, pink for women and blue for men.
  • Instant messenger capabilities between Hubby and Wife.
  • A Hubby rating system where all jobs can be rated from 1 - 10.
  • Fully furnished support documentation and customer service features both in App and online.
  • A happy and friendly online service promoting good relationships and a bit of humour.

Feature Overview

1. Create a to do and streamline your Hubby's chores

To create a to do is very easy. Simply enter your to do's title and description, add the frequency of reminders you would like to send to your Hubby, add photos, videos and links related to the job at hand and choose if you would like to make the whole experience public or private.

2. Hubby2do Messenger

Communicate to your Hubby through our Hubby2do messenger. Each to do is linked to the messenger, which is an fast and easy way to discuss and exchange information about each to do you've created.

3. Make it public and share on social media

Make your to do public on our Hubby2do page where you can chat and exchange experiences with other Hubby2do users and the general public. This is a fun and sociable way for both Hubby and Wife to get the job done together. You also have the option to link your to do job via social media which means you can connect directly to all your friends.

4. Score your Hubby

Once your to do has been finalised Hubby2do will ask you do score the work from 1 - 10. This way you can let you Hubby know your thoughts about the work he's completed.

However, and remember, the main thing is for both Hubby and Wife to have as much fun as possible.