Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 - How do I get started?

Answer: To get started with Hubby2do please visit the download page of our website. Alternatively you can visit the your "App Store" directly on your iPhone or “Google Play” on your Android device to download download Hubby2do App. After the App has downloaded and is installed on your Smartphone simply follow the prompts and sign up to the service.

Question #2 - How do I send reminders to my Hubby?

Answer: To send reminders to your Hubby you need to create a to do. Under "Create New to do" select if you want to send your Hubby weekly, daily or hourly reminders. And once you've selected and saved the new to do your Hubby will start receiving reminders as per your selection.

Please note: If your hubby has not logged in to the Hubby2do system he will receive SMSs instead of a Push Reminders via the App. This message will need come through your phone first and then you'll need to click on "Send" for each notification. Once this is done your Hubby will receive an SMS about that particular to do that you've asked him to complete.

Question #3 - How do I make my to do's public?

Answer: To make your Hubby2do information public select "Make Public" when creating a a new to do. If you tick this box and press submit your to do will automatically be posted on our public Hubby2do search engine, and will be ready to be posted on your social media platform of choice.

Question #4 - How do I post my to do's to a third party? E.G Social media.

Answer: After your to do has been posted on our public service you will have the option to share it on a third-party system such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This way, you have the flexibility to choose where your to do's are posted.

Question #5 - How do I close a to do?

Answer: To close a to do you'll need to go to "View To Do List" and select the to do you would like to close. Under "Status" you can select either "Complete" or "Cancelled".

If you select "Complete" Hubby2do will ask you to score your Hubby from 1 - 10, this feature is totally optional. But remember if your to do is public that score will also be posted on your public to do page.

Question #6 - How do I keep my account safe?

Answer: To keep your account safe you need to have a strong password. Use a minimum of 8 characters and include a mixture of lower and upper case characters. Never save your password where other people may have access to it and if other people have access to your Smartphone make sure to always log off Hubby2do after using the service. This way you avoid other people from having access to your account.

Question #7 - How do I report an issue?

Answer: If you need to report an issue related to Hubby2do's services please send us a feedback request and we will try our best to solve the issue for you.

Question #8 - I like Hubby2do. How do I tell my friends about it?

Answer: Hubby2do is always glad to hear positive feedback. To know that we are helping couples make their everyday lives easier and happier drives us to constantly improve our products and services. If you would like to tell others about Hubby2do please share our page through Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. Also, publishing as many of your to do's as possible and sharing them via social media helps spread the word.