Walt and Angie are the typical couple, they fell in love years ago, eventually made the "I do" commitment and promised each other to live happily ever after. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, until they moved in together and they fell into a not so "happily ever after" routine.

Walt spends his free time drinking beer and watching his favourite football team play on TV while Angie cooks, cleans, does the laundry, irons, washes the dishes, looks after the kids, and feeds the dog etc. And like all houses there are always heaps of things to fix, to build, or something to get rid of. But the football comes first, of course, and the beer is his inseparable best friend.

Excuses for not helping goes from A to Z, you never thought that your hubby could be so creative when it comes to convincing you that the work can always wait. And if you ask more than once you are called "the nagger". So what do you do?

Hubby2do will solve these unpleasant problems for you. With a simple App that you can download onto your Smartphone you can send your hubby job reminders daily, weekly or hourly on what you want him to get done. You are not nagging, Hubby2do is nagging for you. :)

You can also add videos, photos and links on what you want your hubby to complete so he cannot use the "don't know how to do this" excuse or "it is too hard" excuse. Hubby2do comes with a Private Messenger feature where you can send each other instant messages.

You also have an online chat page where you and your hubby can exchange experiences with other Hubby2do users and the general public. You can talk generally about relationships, the jobs you are completing around the house, or how to get the work done more effectively. Hubby2do acts as a social media platform along side being a reminder tool.

And guess what?! After the job is completed you can score your hubby between 1 - 10. This way you can make sure he knows that a quick lazy job is not the way to go or he has done a fantastic job making the whole family happy. :)

So go ahead and make the best of your relationship with Hubby2do!!!

  • Available on iPhone and Android Smartphones.
  • Works in multiple countries and across time zones.
  • The SMS features on the Wife's version will deliver scheduled notifications and reminders to the Husband's phone.
  • A fully integrated social media solution that allows your to do's to be shared on all popular social media platforms.
  • The general public can comment based on each public to do.
  • His and hers branded interface, pink for women blue and for men.
  • Instant messenger capabilities between Hubby and Wife.
  • A Hubby rating system where all jobs can be rated from 1 - 10.
  • Fully furnished support documentation and customer service features both in App and online.
  • A happy and friendly online service promoting good relationships and a bit of humour.

To download the Hubby2do App for your Smartphone please select the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android devices.

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